POLITTAN hereby confirms, defines and informs the policy by which it collects, keeps, uses and discloses the personal information it collects from its clients through its website, thus complying with the Personal Data Protection Law in Colombia, defined in Statutory Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013.

By purchasing any type of service through our website, you accept the practices explained below so it is recommended to read in detail the information written below.


Information provided by our customer

In order to make reservations for our products and services, we require you to provide us with some personal data such as name and surname, physical contact information (telephone, home address and email address), in order to be able to correctly coordinate the services we offer.

Likewise, in order to process the payment, our payment gateways (platforms) will request financial data (such as your bank account or credit card details). In some cases, POLITTAN or these gateways may go to risk centers or specialized companies to confirm and corroborate the information provided by you. The information obtained by these third parties will be treated confidentially.

Likewise, when you register through social networks in any of our accounts, you are aware and authorize POLITTAN to have access to the information registered in your personal account, which may contain personal data, interests, tastes or contacts.

Information collected by our website

When you use our website, we automatically collect information about your activity, such as the URL you came from, your IP address, which URLs you usually access, your geographic location, and related searches.

We also collect information when you access our website and record information such as the pages or content you read, the searches you make within it, or any other type of interaction you have within the platform.

We use cookies and other applications such as web beacons, pixels and browser analysis tools for the proper functioning of the page and for business administration in order to better understand traffic patterns and to understand and improve the experience on our website. Some third parties, such as Facebook, may use some of these tools by receiving information from our website to generate interest ads or measurements.

You may or may not accept the use of cookies in the use of our website. Please note that, by refusing to use them, you may lose some tools and relevant information that allows you to better use our services.


All information recorded and collected on our website by any means or form explained above has the following objectives:

1. Process all the necessary information through our systems to timely coordinate the services offered by our website and comply with what is offered in time and place.

2. Provide you with timely information about your Tour and/or Activity to ensure that it is executed in accordance with the conditions of your reservation, as well as update or notify changes or any modifications to the original reservation.

3. Provide you with any information that with prior consent we can provide in order to improve your experience before, during or after the Tour and / or Activity.

4. Improve the performance of our platform so that your experience during or after the purchase is more efficient, clear and friendly.

5. To be able to answer any questions or requests that you send us in a timely and appropriate manner.

6. To be able to contact you to carry out satisfaction surveys, evaluation of the experience on the platform and / or during the Tour and / or Activity.

7. To be able to inform you about offers of products and services that are of interest to you.

8. Analyze the behavior of users when they interact with our platform or in our social networks through the use of the tools described above in order to improve the operation of the system, understand the quality of our products and services, offer promotions or improve our portfolio in order to deliver a better offer that better suits the needs of the market and preferences of our current and potential customers.

9. The information collected for payment processing is used exclusively for this purpose in order to complete the confirmation process of your reservation, in order to ensure that we provide the services in accordance with the conditions of the service you purchase.

10. Share personal information with business partners to jointly offer services, promotions, or any other type of product that may be of interest to you.

11. Share personal information that is required by competent authorities in order to comply with regulations and / or laws that apply.

12. Profiling your characteristics and preferences (from the information you provide us, your interactions on our website, information obtained from third parties and your search and booking history) to send you promotional, marketing or advertising messages, as well as other information that we believe may be of interest to you, as well as advertising through social media platforms such as Facebook or Google.


You authorize that all personal information that we acquire by the means and procedures described above may be transmitted and / or transferred by us as responsible for your personal information to any other responsible anywhere in the world, guaranteeing that we will always comply with the rules that apply in each country for the treatment and protection of personal data.

In the same way and where permitted by applicable law, you authorize us to use certain personal information about you such as your email address, to manage and share it with social media platforms (such as Facebook or Instagram) and / or Google, to drive traffic to our websites, promote our products and services, generate leads and increase the use of our website. These platforms or search engines are not managed by us so we cannot be responsible for the use they make of your data, any questions related to this management should be addressed to them directly.


You have the right to ask us to access, consult, update or delete personal information that has been recorded by the means and procedures described above.

You can also ask us to stop processing your data for marketing purposes.

For either case, you can send us an email to the address, where we will proceed to review your request and we promise to respond within a maximum period of 15 business days after receipt.


By accepting this policy you authorize us to use your information in order to consult all financial, commercial, credit information, which refers to the relationships and commercial transactions that you have registered in the financial system, both in Colombia and abroad. We may also report, consult and disclose to ASOBANCARIA the information regarding your behavior as a client related to obligations, payment methods and your fulfillment of the contract when purchasing with us any service marketed through our website. This information may be reflected in the databases of CIFIN or any other legally established entity.